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Town Office Boiler Upgrade Project


Replacement of the 70’s era propane boiler that provides heat for the Town of the Pas Civic Center
(including the Fire department)

The typical life span of a commercial boiler is approximately 30 years, however, as they age boilers tend to become less energy efficient.  The current boiler was well beyond its life expectancy and was estimated at 60% efficiency. 

The following options were considered for the replacement:

a)    Direct propane boiler replacement (96% efficiency) 

b)    Electrical boilers 

c)    Geothermal 

After due consideration, including a feasibility study conducted by Geo-Xergy Systems Inc. in 2018, the decision was made to move forward with the Electrical option.  The project was 100% funded by the Federal Gas Tax grant funds received by The Town of The Pas.  Key considerations for this selection were:

1)    Increasing propane costs (Fossil Fuel)

2)    More controlled electricity costs (Rates governed by Public Utility Board)

3)    Greener alternative - Manitoba electricity is generated at hydroelectric dams.  

4)    Savings in operating costs (Payback period ~>10 years)

5)    Geothermal installation not practical and financially feasible. (Payback period ~<18 years)

In addition to the boiler replacement, existing analog thermostats were replaced with programmable digital thermostats allowing for additional savings and control.  (Eg. Reducing heat overnight and weekends, vacant spacing, etc.).  These additional savings were not considered in the estimated payback period for the boiler.  

Project Photos (timeline):

•    Old Propane Boiler:

•    Removal of Old Boiler:

•    New Electric Boiler

•   Panel, piping & thermostats