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Land Use and Development

Tax Incentive 

The Mayor and Council of the Town of The Pas are of the opinion that all efforts must be made to promote development in the municipality in order to support economic growth therefore they have established a tax incentive for new construction or expansion which would promote economic growth and increase the municipal assessment base.

Tax Incentive By-Law  

Zoning Regulations

Zoning is performed to manage the use of land within the municipality. The regulations state what type of business or structure can be built in certain areas, as well as the characteristics of the building. Through regulating the land uses the town tries to create the best possible development for its community.

This webpage provides citizens with all the necessary regulations, forms, and other information that is needed to understand zoning or how to go about changing the permitted uses of their land. 

Zoning By-Law 4599

Kelsey Planning District Development Plan -  2021


The following are Surveyors that frequent The Pas and area.  Please note that the Town is not recommending one over the other.

Altus Geomatics

661 Century Street

Winnipeg, MB  R3H 0L9

Phone:  (204) 272-2600 x 2731 or (204) 272-2621

Fax: (204) 891-6199

Web Page:


Balchen & Kulchycki Surveys

1550 Main St. S

Dauphin, MB  R7N 1M8

Phone:  (204) 638-6336

Issac & Denchuk

200 Clandeboye Avenue

Selkirk, MB  R1A 0X1

Phone:  (204) 785-2924 or (800) 325-5963

Fax:  (204) 482-4015

Web Page: